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Abstract Submission

Abstract submission was possible until 24 Mach 2024

During the abstract submission you were able to apply for the EACME Paul Schotsmans Prize.

Abstract Topics
  • 1. Conceptual and methodological foundations
    -Methodological issues and methods for translating ethics into healthcare practice and research
    -Theoretical foundations and justifications for translational ethics
    -The role of qualitative and participatory research in translating ethics
    -Commonalities and differences between models of translational ethics

    2. Translating ethics into healthcare practice
    -The role of clinical ethics support services, ethics tools and further interventions for translating ethics into healthcare practice (individual as well as organisational level)
    -Teaching ethics as a means of translation in healthcare practice
    -Digital technologies and their role for translating ethics into healthcare practice
    -Limits to and risks of translating ethics into healthcare practice

    3. Translating ethics into health research
    -Contributions of research ethics services regarding translation of ethics into healthcare research
    -Translating ethics into “healthcare 4.0”
    -Teaching research integrity as means of translating ethics into research

  • 4. Translating ethics through guidance
    -Methods and methodology for ethical guidance on the micro-, meso- and macro- level of healthcare
    -The role of guidelines and policies for translating ethics into healthcare practice, public health, and health research
    -Ethical expertise and its relevance for translating ethics into healthcare 

  • 5. Open Topic

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